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Thriller Final Video – Joanna


Shooting Experience

Me and Amelia decided that I would act and she would record the film. We discussed camera angles and settings before hand so that we could set this up before filming, this included who brought what props and costume. We also found willing volunteers to star in our film, such as Anissa Lakhani. Our animatic storyboards were a great help as we used it often to plan our next move, and we could easily look back to clarify what shots we wanted. There is no speech in the film and so no speech scripts were discussed.

Our first day of filming went well for the most part untill the camera ran out of battery, we had planned to take an extra battery, however, as we were using the new HD camera there was not a spare that we could take,  this caused us to stop filming and charge the camera to the next day. This caused extra hardship as we had to check everything for continuity. The rest of the filming was successful and no other problems occured. One success was the ability to film in school and at home with little ineruptions, allowing us to have a variety of settings.

Rough Cut Feedback

Some of the feedback given was that we need to ‘cut the fat’ off our footage, from this we went and cut any footage that was too long. This made the film more exciting as it moved faster. Peers thought the effects were good for the dreams and said it caused a good contrast to the reality of the footage.

Rough Cut

We still need to add the correct titles and cut parts of the footage down. We also have to add the sound and cut the footage to fit it.

Animatic Storyboard 2

After receiving some feedback from our 1st animatic storyboard, we decided to do a second one as in the feedback and from our personal opinion, the 1st animatic was too short so we wanted to add some more story.